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Facility & Equipment PDF Print E-mail

Muskego Preferred Fitness is a 12,800 square foot facility which boasts top of the line equipment in the industry today. Plenty of equipment so NO WAITING! We have cardio, Selectorized machines, functional machines, plate loaded machines and free weight area. Many types of equipment will be sure to give members more options for their training.

Our cardio equipment, designed by Star Trac and Matrix, We have state-of-the-art machines including treadmills, incline trainers, steppers, stair climber, rowing machine, upright and recumbent bikes, elliptical cross trainers, and e-spinner bikes.

Treadmills are at a new level of indoor workouts! They’re far more comfortable and exercise sessions can be customized for each individual. Whether one is walking or running, for endurance or rehabilitation, the programs will certainly provide an enjoyable climate and great results.

Steppers offer a low impact workout to those looking to burn calories and strengthen or tone the lower body.

Elliptical trainer is considered by many to be the best cardiovascular piece on the market. Elliptical offer a "no impact" workout with many programs and options to make the exercise experience more enjoyable. Preferred Fitness elliptical or cross trainers allow the user to use the arm motion to further the effects of his or her workout.

Bikes are excellent for strengthening and toning the lower body and increasing caloric burn all without any heavy "impact" to the joints or muscles.

The easy “QUICK START” program is perfect for those at an entry fitness level seeking no or low impacts. The advance cardio programs are suited for the advance, high intensity, or adventurous competitor. Multiple large flat screens with FM tuners are mounted on front wall in front of cardio for your enjoyment.

Our selectorized or pin select circuit machines, designed by Star Trac FLEX, features a whole circuit for the whole body. Selectorized or pin select machines have become a very important and effective tool for many types of fitness training and bodybuilding. Used in conjunction with free weights and cardiovascular workouts one can achieve goals for strength, weight loss, endurance, and toning. Selectorized weight systems offer a safe workout and an easy way of changing resistance for sets and workout partners.

Our functional machines, designed by Free Motion, is a whole new way of working out. FreeMotion allows the member to do their own movement patterns based on their own needs and goals.The equipment is designed to increase your performance in daily activities and sports performance. It uses a swivel pulley system,. The pulleys follow the natural path of the cable created by the user. This swivel system provides the user the ability to target specific muscles and recruit the muscles being used to stabilize and balance the body. The development of stabilizer muscles improves muscle balance, agility, posture, joint function, strength in various planes, and increases caloric expenditure for fat loss goals. Ultimately making you feel better due to overall musculoskeletal efficiency. This system allows for true whole body training. It can provide a challenge for many types of members: active aging, youth, deconditioned, elite athletes and rehabilitation.

Our plate loaded leverage machines, designed by Star Trac Flex, incorporate the use of free weights, such as Olympic plates, to increase the number of exercises for strength training and toning. These pieces allow the member to "lift" with more controlled range of motion and safety without the need for a person to "spot." Whether training to build muscle mass in one's legs or just bicep and tricep toning, plate loaded machines and circuits will assist creating a successful workout.

Our free weight area is very well equipped with assorted benches and racks, 2 sets dumbbells ranging from 3#-120#, preset curl bars ranging from 10#-110#, 9 station multiunit, power platform with bumper training plates and over 14,000 pounds of plate weights.



Kids Room

Our childcare area has been developed by owners/parents Ed and Laura. Our goal is to provide a safe and positively stimulating environment for your child while you get the exercise you need. With our closed circuit security camera, you can keep an eye on the little ones while they are having a great time. You will see safety is our number one concern and all our staff members are CPR trained.

How can you not be motivated when your child says "lets go to the gym!" We even see kids enjoying a smoothie for the road. Childcare s available six days a week at the club, including morning and evening sessions M-TH.

Childcare Hours:


FRIDAYS 9AM-1PM (Muskego) NO CHILD CARE (Germantown)






Important Information

Parents must remain in the club and be immediately available while their child is in the Kids Club

Kids Club employees will not change diapers, or administer medicine.

There is a two hour time limit for a child's stay in kids club.

The same parent/guardian must sign the child in and out of the kids club. A photo ID of the parent/guardian is required for the Kids Club.

All belongings must be labeled with the child's name

Behavior problems -- Parents will be called if the staff is unable to comfort crying children after a reasonable period of time. Parents will be asked to remove any child who bites, cannot be controlled or who requires ono-on-one supervision, under the discretion of the attendant.

No Foods( PEANUTS), candy, or gum will be allowed in the Kids Club

Sick children cannot be placed in the Kids Club. Parents will be asked to remove any sick children.

Shirts and shoes are required for all children

Violation of these rules will result in revocation of the Kids Club privileges for either a particular member, a particular child or both. Such decision is in the club's sole discretion and is final.



Tanning  (Muskego Location)

Preferred Fitness Tanning BedsOur state-of-the-art European tanning equipment meets every person’s specific skin type needs. We offer 2 types of beds. A level 2 bed which is a 28 bulb and 1 facial, 20 minute bed. A level 4 which is a 32 bulb and 4 facials 15 minute bed. Our tanning beds are perfect for those unable to tan in the sun. We offer a wide variety of tanning lotions for your face and body

Studies show that sunlight can be linked to a lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, can alleviate some of the symptoms of acne and psoriasis and that vitamin D-laced sunshine can bolster your body’s ability to fight off a whole host of cancers. As we become increasingly aware of the benefits associated with regular exposure to sunlight and of the importance of managing the risks that can be associated with sunburn and overexposure, more people are turning to indoor tanning facilities to help attain their tans in a controlled environment scientifically designed to minimize the risk of sunburn. Moderate tanning, for individuals who can develop a tan, is the smartest way to maximize the potential benefits of sun exposure while minimizing the potential risks associated with either too much or too little sunlight. A tan is the body’s natural protection against sunburn. Your skin is designed to tan as a natural body function. Indoor tanners successfully develop “base tans” before embarking on sunny vacations – tans that, combined with the proper use of sunscreen outdoors, help them prevent sunburn. The risks associated with UV overexposure are manageable for anyone who has the ability to develop a tan.


Preferred Fitness Tanning BedsPricing:

Level 2 bed ( max 20 min)

1 session $3.50 or 10 session pak for convenience $35

2 year unlimited w/ membership $10 / mo

1 year unlimited w/membership $15/ mo

Month to Month w/ membership $30/mo

Level 4 bed ( max 15 min)

1 session $5.50

We also offer a large supply of tanning lotions at a huge discounted price!

Tanning is only available to members of Preferred Fitness.



Preferred Blendz Juice Bar

Preferred Fitness Blendz Juice BarThe best part of working out is the relaxing moments afterwards, when you have a chance to enjoy a few minutes of the day just for yourself. Our Fit Blendz Juice Bar provides the best tasting, nutritionally sound shakes on the market. We understand the members want the best tasting and highest quality ingredients available. What makes our shakes so good is that our recipes uses real fruit puree with no corn syrup or added sugars. And, because we know members have different goals we had developed recipes to meet those goals.

Fruit Smoothies - Freshly frozen friut blended to perfection with all natural fruit juice and a touch of ice cream or fat free yogurt.

Power Shakes - The ultimate meal replacement!! A low calorie, high nutrient blend with 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals. Designed specifically to feed muscle and starve fat.

Muscle Builders - This is a high-calorie, high nutrient shake LOADED with muscle-fueling carbs and whey protein. The muscle builder is formulated specifically to feed exhausted muscle tissue and pack on quality lean body mass.

Fat Burners - Looking to burn fat? This is our power shake teamed up with the most effective and safe " Fat Stack" ever. Pyruvate and Chromium Picolinate will spare blood sugar and metabolize fat even while you’re at rest.

Energizers - Power Shake with a pep!! This is the ultimate meal replacement blend with the most cutting-edge, herbal-energizing, supplement available. Perfect for breakfast or pre workout.

Pure Protein - A whopping 70 grams of ion exchanged whey protein. This is high protein, low carb, prescription. At 47% carb calories it is ideal for a low carb meal replacement and the most protein ever seen in a smoothie.

Rich Chocolate * Creamy Vanilla * Ultimate Orange * Strawberry * Wild berry * Mango * Banana * Raspberry * Peach * Pina Colada * or any combination of flavors!!